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Report on PaCE Local Democracy Lab in Scotland


The report containing the PaCE Local Democracy Lab outcomes in Scotland has been released, as a joint collaboration between the City of Reykjavík and the Democratic Society. The report is also available on the Google Site especially created for the event in Scotland and shared with the participants to the democracy lab in Scotland. Please find out more about the outcomes of the democracy lab HERE.

A unique opportunity to discuss relevant issues related to democracy and the Covid-19 pandemic in Poland.


The fifth PaCE Local Democracy Lab will be organized in Poland on June 10, 2021. The lab creates a virtual space for civil society and under-representative groups for an open discussion on the perception of power, trust, and democracy. Local Democracy Lab creates an opportunity for the residents of Poland to discuss their viewpoints and concerns on how the local authorities handle the pandemic...

Dr. Ruzha Smilova, about Illiberal Constitutionalism? Against ‘Genders’ in Bulgarian Constitutional Discourse


A very interesting approach about the “genders” in Bulgarian Constitutional discourse has been introduced by Dr. Ruzha Smilova from the Center of Liberal Strategy in Sofia, Bulgaria in the frame of the debate about the gender topic organized by the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, the University of Belgrade. The entire presentation of Dr. Ruzha is available on the Youtube...

A brand new infographic “Spot the populists!” by Takis Pappas


A new infographic “Spot the populists!” has been released by Takis Pappas, University of Helsinki, Finland. The infographic presents a hierarchical systematization of all parties into clear defined types that are mutually exclusive and jointly exhaustive. We invite you to discover the populist parties within the party universe HERE.

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J-7 before #SOTEU: #CivilSociety organisations promote equity, justice & solidarity, acting for the common good.

The @EU_Commission's 2022 #WorkProgramme should give them adequate support to defend the democratic right of association.

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Well, it took 9 years (!) from data collection to publication, but here it is in open access: a theorisation of new migrant activism based on the prototypical case of the 300 undocumented migrants' hunger strike in Greece.

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