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“I, the People!” a comic to educate, and provoke classroom discussion, by Takis Pappas and Alecos Papadatos


Wonderful comic developed as part of the PaCE project, illustrating some of the characteristics and dangers of illiberal politics. Carefully sourced using quotes from real politicians and giving examples at the end. This is ideal as a starting point for classroom discussion on the issues. Click on the image below to download and read. Takis Pappas wrote the text and story board for this. He has...

We are talking to policy makers 19th May – online event open to the public


Background and objectives The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on our democratic societies, posing unprecedented challenges to personal freedoms, the reliability of information and, ultimately, the ability of democratic institutions to cope with the rapidly changing societal demands. This adds up to a tumultuous decade for European democracy, that saw the rise of populist movements and...

D5.7. A two-day Democracy event


The report presents the key findings of the European Democracy Lab organized online on the 19th of November 2021, under the umbrella of the PaCE project. The goal of the European Democracy Lab was to address and respond to the key findings of local democracy labs that emerged from the deliberation of participants in seven European countries on “Trust in authorities in the time of Covid-19...

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All project reports, results, deliverables etc. now available on the website #politics #populism #research #nativism

"Comparative Findings and Assessment of Risk Factors to Democratic Quality" has been substantially updated to reflect new PaCE research results, including on relative deprivation. #populism #politics #research #deprivation #analysis

Simulation of voter&party behaviour, Austria 2013-2017. Reports describing this now available. #simulation #abm #politics #austria #populism #opiniondynamics #socialinfluence #voting #policy #dynamicnetworks #attitudes #surveydata #ATUNES #CHES

The data used for the comparative analysis of parties in Europe 1990-2020 is freely available. Including a report describing the data, including the fields etc. and an interactive infographic summarising it. #data #politics #populism #Europe #parties

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