Consortium partners

The PaCE consortium comprises a highly complementary group of stakeholders and experts from across the PSO value, support, and user chains. The partnership includes 9 partners from eight countries (Iceland, UK, Ireland, Bulgaria, Germany, Austria, Belgium, and Finland). PaCE has handpicked the partners based on the following criteria (roughly in order of importance):

  1. Expertise in populism and engagement
  2. Complementary skills (in other areas (e.g. computer science and programming) necessary for the successful prosecution of the project
  3. In-depth knowledge of key case studies
  4. A diversity of cultures and countries spread over Europe
Coordinator: Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) UK
City of Reykjavik (RVK) Iceland
The Centre for Liberal Strategies Foundation (CLS) Bulgaria
The Paris-Lodron University (PLUS) Austria
The Technical University of Dresden (TUD) Germany
The Democratic Society (DS) Belgium
Trilateral Research (TRI) Ireland
University of Helsinki (UH) Finland
Citizens Foundation (CF) Iceland