A unique opportunity to discuss relevant issues related to democracy and the Covid-19 pandemic in Poland.


The fifth PaCE Local Democracy Lab will be organized in Poland on June 10, 2021. The lab creates a virtual space for civil society and under-representative groups for an open discussion on the perception of power, trust, and democracy.

Local Democracy Lab creates an opportunity for the residents of Poland to discuss their viewpoints and concerns on how the local authorities handle the pandemic and propose recommendations to decision-makers. Over the 3-hour-long event, participants will have discussions in breakout rooms, facilitated by professional facilitators, using a World Cafe format – a dialogue method giving space for everybody to add their input. Their contributions will feed in the PaCE project research and the outcomes are to be widely disseminated among Hungarian and European policymakers.

The event is available on the PaCE Facebook on the following link and also on Twitter on the following link.

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