Messina Democracy Lab


As part of the Populism and Civic Engagement (PaCE) project, we held a ‘Democracy Lab’ in Messina, Italy, in September 2019. It was the first such event and served as a dry run for future gatherings as well as for how other organisations can engage with citizens as part of their work.

Fifteen local participants joined the Messina Democracy Lab in the city’s Tommaso Cannizzaro public library, which was organised and mediated by local partners, Associazione Ionio Messina and Startup Messina.

These Democracy Labs are a component of PaCE’s engagement plan, which aims to make sure that democratic input and engagement occurs through all parts of the project. They will be held across Europe in order to simultaneously complement and disseminate PaCE’s findings.

Read more about the Messina Democracy Lab here.

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Bernardo Jurema
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