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A brand new infographic “Spot the populists!” by Takis Pappas


A new infographic “Spot the populists!” has been released by Takis Pappas, University of Helsinki, Finland. The infographic presents a hierarchical systematization of all parties into clear defined types that are mutually exclusive and jointly exhaustive. We invite you to discover the populist parties within the party universe HERE.

Democracy Lab Hungary, May 22, 2021


A unique opportunity to discuss relevant issues related to democracy and the Covid-19 pandemic in Hungary. The fourth PaCE Local Democracy Lab will be organized in Hungary on May 22, 2021. The lab creates a virtual space for civil society and under-representative groups for an open discussion on the perception of power, trust, and democracy. Local Democracy Lab creates an opportunity for the...

D1.1. Historical and political development of populism in Europe


The report presenting the outline of the historical and political development of eighteen (18) populist, nativist, nationalist, antidemocratic and secessionist parties in Europe between 1990 and 2020 and three social movement case studies, QAnon, Gillet Jaunes in France and Pots and Pans Revolution in Iceland has been released by the PaCE team: Takis Pappas, University of Helsinki, Finland, and...

D1.5. Report containing tools on populist and nativist parties


The Report containing tools that present a very reach and original typology of populist and nativist parties has been released by Takis Pappas, University of Helsinki, Finland, and Dimitris Skleparis, DemSoc. The report presents the structure of the Excel file that consists of 21 spreadsheets including 10 variables which provide users with some basic information about the 18 selected parties/case...

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Have you signed up for the Prague Populism Conference? Registration expires tomorrow, 14 May.

The event will explore new trends on #populism.

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Ahead of the publication of the #PopulisminAction Special Issue of the #OpenAccess @CogitatioPaG journal.

Details here: https://more.bham.ac.uk/populism-in-action/2020/07/23/coming-soon-a-special-issue-on-populism-edited-by-piaps-albertazzi-and-van-kessel/

Our RFs @Adrian_Favero, @j_sijstermans, @Zulianello_M & @NikoHat have written sharing "3 key takeaways from their research 🧵thread👇

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