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PaCE project at the EuroPCom 2019


Discovering innovative forms of citizens engagement against populism Last Thursday, part of the Populism and Civic Engagement ‘PaCE’ team, including Nadja Nickel and Beth Wiltshire from The Democratic Society and Magnus Yngvi Josefsson from the City of Reykjavik, Iceland presented the PaCE project as part of an interactive ‘Ideas Lab: Discovering innovative forms of citizens engagement against...

New article by Bruce Edmonds on co-developing beliefs and social influence networks


A model of mutual influence is presented where the structure of individual’s beliefs and the social structure both matter. The model thus combines processes of belief change base on Thagard’s (Behav Brain Sci 12:435–467, 1989) theory of mental coherence with plausible processes of social network change. This combination of cognitive and social processes has outcomes that are qualitatively...

New book by PaCE partner, Takis S. Pappas “Populism and Liberal Democracy”


Populism and Liberal Democracy A Comparative and Theoretical Analysis Takis S. Pappas The first book to offer a comprehensive theory about populism during both its emergence and consolidation phases in three geographical regions: Europe, Latin America and the United States Provides a novel, minimal definition of populism as ‘democratic illiberalism’ Focuses on a new set of populist...